The "Puppy for Christmas" Check List...

November 30, 2016


Lots of children, and some adults, would love to receive a puppy for Christmas. You cannot top the cuteness factor of a puppy, any breed of puppy, decorated with a bow and sitting (well, maybe) under a Christmas tree. But check out my check list to make sure that you and your Christmas puppy are still very happy on Valentine's Day...


1) Buy as many supplies as you can before Christmas. I know you can find hiding places anywhere. So buy that crate (a must-have to train a puppy to sleep there and have a place to relax), that "no pull" harness and leash, food and water dishes and toys. Those are your basics.

2) Sign up for that puppy obedience class offered at your local humane society or pet store. Many pet stores and humane societies near you offer special puppy obedience classes, the best way to start your relationship with your new best friend. If this puppy will be a family dog, take the whole family to the class, if only so that everyone can at least see how to work with the new pup.


So much for preparation. Now, selecting the perfect puppy for you.


3) Adopt, don't shop. If you haven't been in the market for a pet in awhile, you will be amazed at how easy it is to find the perfect pet for you! Best advice: Go to "" It is a nation-wide data base of adoptable pets that allows you to literally search for exactly what you want. Think you can't find a *puppy* to adopt? I live in rural Oregon, (like surrounded by fields and forests rural :^) so I extended my search area a bit. I mean, who wouldn't drive 100 miles for the *perfect* puppy? And when I put my "formula" into the search filters, petfinder gave me 56 puppy matches within that 100 mile radius! 56 CUTE puppy matches!! Little puppies (Chihuahua or King Charles Spaniel), big puppies (Great Pyrenees and a Great Pyrenees/Irish Wolfhound mix!) and every size in between. So please, don't buy into the myth that you won't find a great puppy at a rescue, because I guarantee that you will.


So, that's all for now, but look for more "Puppy for Christmas" tips before the heart of the holiday season.



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